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Unlike your typical art class filmed in a studio, every Adventure Art Academy lesson is an invitation to experience - and learn to paint! - some of the most incredible landscapes in the west.

Your painting adventures will bring you across the Pacific Northeast from the foggy coast to snowcapped mountains, into the desert southwest of Utah, and even to icefields deep in the Yukon accessible only by a tiny airplane nicknamed the vomit comet. Claire films the classes on her hiking and backpacking trips, during art residencies, and while working with scientists in the field. And, each class has a 3-10 minute intro video sharing with you the hike in or journey to get to our painting location. 

There are currently 35+ painting adventure lessons already published, and as a student you get access to all of them. 

You get to choose from the library of every prior class and decide if you want to paint an icefall 7,000 feet up a volcano, at an arch beside inquisitive ravens, below a tiny waterfall that looks like a miniature Rivendell, or even in a mossy grove of trees just off a road.

You'll often hear Claire say every painting is an adventure. "Whether I am sketching deep in a wilderness area, at a lookout beside a busy highway, or even in my cozy home studio, every painting is a chance to embark on an adventure of creativity and exploration. Adventure is, by many definitions, an experience that challenges us and brings us out of comfort zones. And through painting, I'm on a not-so-secret mission to redefine adventure as something we can access through art anywhere. We do not need to do death-defying stunts and climbs. All we need is some paper, paints, and a willingness to see where our paints can take us." 

In each lesson, you will see the stunning view, hear Claire's instruction, and can paint along as the landscape takes shape on your pages.  

The idea for the Adventure Art Academy emerged at the end of a long backpacking trip. With paintings strapped to my pack and hiking through a stunning river valley, I wished I could share this experience and the joy of painting with others, especially folks who may not be able to visit places like this. After a year of teaching online at the start of the pandemic, I knew I loved teaching online.  In each class, I got to connect with people from around the country. And, unlike an in-person event, virtual watercolor lessons were accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

A few months later, I tried filming my first class outside. I was so nervous! For the first time, I was articulating both my entire outdoor painting process and my personal experience of a place through art. It was both incredibly challenging and, somehow, felt natural, like this was a story I'd been practicing for many years.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to invite you along on these painting adventures through the magical medium of watercolor and the joy of teaching. 

If you have any questions, please let me know! my email is [email protected]. And if you are interested in trying out the classes head over to the¬†sign up page here.¬†

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From misty mountains to desert arches, the classes will take you on some incredible painting adventures. To see images, descriptions, and summaries of the techniques for every lesson add your email below. 


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If you would like to read more about painting trips and Claire's adventures, her blog The Art of Hiking has a growing collection of stories. And, she now has a YouTube Channel. 

Lastly, to learn more about Claire and her work in science communication, from art residencies, and in publications, wander over to her site