Every Painting is an Adventure.


Wind ruffles the edge of the painting. Silver sunlight glints on an alpine lake and dries the watercolors in our palette. And the landscape begins to take shape on our page.

Join me each month for a virtual watercolor adventure and lesson. I love to paint outside, and for the first time I am teaching all the techniques and shortcuts I use to paint a landscape when I am there. In each lesson, you get to learn as if you are sitting beside me on the shore of an alpine lake or perched on a rocky promontory above a glacier.

The adventure classes are filmed entirely on-site and are a one-of-a-kind experience combining step-by-step instructions and real time insights into how to bring a painting to life from start to finish.


What is the Adventure Art Academy?

An ever-growing library of pre-recorded, virtual, outdoor watercolor lessons, and a community of other art enthusiasts and friends. Whether you want to paint outdoors or from your desk at home, my goal is to teach you how to work with watercolor frustration-free and to create beautiful expressive landscapes.

Watercolor is often taught as a complex and slow process, but I learned a different way of painting over ten years of creating outside. I focus on having fun, observing and connecting to a place, and embracing the unpredictable qualities of watercolor that make it magical and ideal for capturing a sense of place. 

Join the Academy

Monthly Adventures

From alpine lakes to desert storms each month you join Claire on a new painting expedition (pre-recorded so you can paint anytime). 

Step-by-Step Instruction

Learn how to paint landscapes as if you were sitting beside me outside and painting right there with me. 

Live Q&A

Each month we gather for a live Q&A to share our work, ask any questions about art, and explore your questions in live demos. 

The Doors are Open!

Join the me for monthly watercolor lessons filmed outside and learn how to paint different landscapes as if you are sitting there beside me. Plus a monthly Live Demo and Community Gathering via zoom, blog posts, and access to all the pre-recorded adventure classes I release each month. 


$21.50/ month

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As a member of the Adventure Art Academy you get access to an extensive library of every class released (not just the current month). 

And some of the techniques we will explore are:

  • How to select what to paint based on time and place. Creating easy skies with fast washes and blooms of color.
  • Capturing dramatic light. Color choice and mixing. Composition. 
  • Strategies for working outdoors (rain! Bugs!). Sketching a landscape.
  • Techniques for painting trees, mountains, rock, and other natural features.
  • And a lot more!

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ page

How does the membership work? Members have access to all the classes I released so far since February, and a new class every month. Membership is a monthly subscription like Netflix, but for a library of art classes - as long as you are a member, you can access the classes. You can cancel anytime and there is no minimum commitment of months.  If you still have questions check out the membership info page:  Details here. Or email me at [email protected].

GIFT MEMBERSHIPS: I just launched three options to give the gift of art classes!

Choose from 1 month, 2 months, or one year (click each to learn more). 

Free Resource Guide

Download a free 12 page guide on my favorite tools and materials for painting with watercolors indoors and out. Plus, tips on choosing the right materials for you and my go-to resource books to learn from. 

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Meet your Instructor and Guide: Claire Giordano

I am an environmental artist and writer with a love for painting outside. A decade ago I created a sketch outdoors for the first time, and I will never forget the joy and sense of presence and connection it created.

Since then, I became a professional artist, traveled around the world documenting landscapes impacted by climate change, and published written and visual stories. 

I created the Adventure Art Academy so I I could invite others to go on these adventures with me, and teach you how to work with watercolor indoors or out along the way. 

More than anything, I want to make painting fun and accessible by demystifying the process and giving you complete access to how I create my watercolor paintings. 

You can learn more about me at www.claireswanderings.com and on Instagram, @claireswanderings

Photos by: Jenn Maurer, Grace Giordano, and Lindsey Ganahl.