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Learn to explore the world with watercolor and paint incredible landscapes. 

Every immersive Adventure Art Academy lesson is filmed at a beautiful location, and it feels like you are painting right there with your guide,  Claire Giordano.

Watercolor is often taught as a complex and slow process, but it doesn't need to be! Learn a different way of painting that is accessible, fast, and fun.

From the shores of an alpine lake to desert canyons and icefields of the Yukon, each painting class is an adventure that takes you through every step of the painting process. 

Monthly Watercolor Adventures


As a student, you get a new adventure painting class each month, AND access to all prior classes (over 30)! With step-by-step lessons filmed in the mountains, desert, on the coast, and even on an icefield, you choose where your paints will take you. 

And, you can come and go from the classes based on your schedule with a flexible membership where you can sign up or cancel anytime. 


Explore the Painting Classes


Monthly Adventures

From alpine lakes to desert arches, each month you join Claire on a new painting expedition (pre-recorded so you can paint anytime). 

Step-by-Step Instruction

Learn how to paint landscapes as if you were sitting beside me outside as I guide us through a painting from the pencil sketch to a finished painting. 

Live Q&A

Each month we gather for a live Q&A and community gathering to share our work, ask any questions about art, and explore your questions in live demos. 

From a Student's Perspective

Every single month I look forward to where Claire is going to take us, and the new skills I’m going to learn in the lesson as well. The way you’re prepared and get to practice before jumping into a painting gives you the confidence to tackle really amazing and complex scenes. I cannot express how much I’ve grown in my watercolor skills all due to Claire's classes. I have so much more confidence in the work I’m doing and can apply this to my own paintings outside of her lessons.

Not only is she an incredible artist and teacher, but a kind and caring person as well. She takes the time to go through your emails and questions and help you work through your own painting hurdles. If you want to learn watercolor, explore beautiful areas, and have fun, take classes with Adventure Art Academy!  - Melissa

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Begin Your Painting Adventure

Whether you want to take your watercolors outside or turn your photos into paintings, the classes will demystify the painting process. In each class you will expand your creative toolbox with the skills to paint and draw beautiful landscapes, and have fun along the way!

And, you can connect with fellow adventure artists from around the world in our online community spaces. 

Access to the entire library and the new class each month costs $27 USD / month, and you can sign up and cancel anytime. 

Join the Adventure Art Academy

Experience a different way of painting.

Learn to work with the unique and beautiful properties of watercolor and explore techniques including:

  • Creating stunning¬†atmospheric skies using wet-in-wet techniques
  • Embracing¬†watercolor blooms as a powerful tool for creating texture, depth, and so many patterns in nature
  • Learn how to let watercolor do a lot of the hard work for you when painting¬†
  • Exploring how to simplify a scene with step-by-step instruction, including how to sketch the scene
  • Strategies for painting rock, snow, and alpenglow!
  • Shortcuts for painting both complex and abstracted reflections in water
  • And a lot more!

If you still have questions, check out the FAQ page, or send me an email at [email protected]!

And lastly, if you want to gift a membership to someone send Claire an email as well! There are 2, 6, and 12 month options. 

Free Resource Guide

Download a free 12 page guide on my favorite tools and materials for painting with watercolors indoors and out. Plus, tips on choosing the right materials for you and my go-to resource books to learn from. 

Download the Guide

Meet your Instructor and Guide: Claire Giordano

Hello! I'm an artist and writer with a love for painting outside. A decade ago I created a sketch outdoors for the first time, and I will never forget the joy and sense of connection with place I felt through the painting. 

Since then, I became a professional artist and now travel around the world documenting landscapes impacted by climate change, and publish written and visual stories. As a teacher, I create classes year-round and in landscapes from the mountains of my home in Washington state to the desert southwest.  

I created the Adventure Art Academy so I can invite others to go on these adventures with me, and teach you how to work with watercolor indoors or out along the way. 

More than anything, I want to make painting fun and accessible by demystifying the process and giving you complete access to how I create my watercolor paintings. 

You can learn more about me at and on Instagram, @claireswanderings

Photos by: Claire, Jenn Maurer, Grace Giordano, and Lindsey Ganahl.