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When you sign up for the Adventure Art Academy you are welcomed into a community of painters from around the world. 

Fostering connections between people (and places!) is one of the underlying goals for the Adventure Art Academy. Whether this is saying hello and answering questions over email or launching our new Discord channel, this is one of my favorite parts of the Adventure Art Academy. 

There are currently two main ways our community of painters and sketchers connects- 

  • Discord Group for current students and alumni. I started this in January 2024, and it is far an above a new favorite virtual gathering space for us! Discord is a free mobile and desktop app that feels like you step into a room full of art friends in the middle of a welcoming conversation. We are all having so much fun sharing our work, asking questions, and encouraging one another. 
  • Basecamp: A non-social media space that is kind of like Facebook, but hosted on our website. 

One of my favorite parts of leading the Adventure Art Academy is the opportunity to connect with folks from around the world! So, whether you like the group spaces or prefer to chat over email, I am always so excited to support the creative journey's of my students. 

In addition, occasionally I host an in-person gathering or some kind at a local park of natural area. While in-person events are not the focus of the Adventure Art Academy (because we are dispersed around the world and so many folks can't attend, and due to my work and travel schedule) they are a fun little bonus for folks who live in or near Washington State (I'm based near Seattle). Please note that while I do my best to make a few of these happen each year, there is no guarantee that one will be scheduled while you are a student.