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Student Paintings and Stories

In many years of teaching, I'm honored to have painted with hundreds of students from around the world. Here are a few reflections and paintings made by current students and shared in our community space called Basecamp!

"I'm just a beginner, but learning to paint the outdoors with you has been such a perfect fit for me! It's been wonderful to expand my love of wild landscapes by learning to see them artistically. Your classes also helped quiet my overly analytical, perfectionist side - and I love how you approach all of your teaching with so much joy that those worries just seem to fade away for me." - BG

"I just finished the Icefield lesson, and wow the paintings from Alaska are so beautiful. It brought back so many wonderful memories of my 40 years there. Oh how I wish I would have had your instructions back then! Hopefully I can go back to Alaska soon, and take you with me in my mind to help me paint the beautiful scenery. My heartfelt thanks for all that you provide for us!!" -GT

"I'm a perfectionist in daily life, and always avoided art as a hobby, but your classes have been so enjoyable for me and have even inspired me to make my own paintings while hiking or backpacking! Just wanted to say thank you for your classes :) Your gentle instructions and the way you can laugh at mistakes or nature getting in the way really helped me relax and embrace trying to create." - JH

"I've been a member of Claire's Adventure Art Academy for almost a year now. There are a few things that make Claire's teaching style so great. One of those is that she works from a fairly limited palette, because of this you will learn so much about your colors and how they mix as you move through each lesson. If she uses a color out of the normal 6-8 shades she will let you know how you can make something similar with those base colors. Using fewer colors has actually taught me SO much.

Second, the colors and techniques section in each class allows you to play and learn new theories before you pull out the big scray sheet of paper. She does an excellent job breaking down the colors, how to layer, creating gradients, and how to paint in a way that the landscape feels 3D (and as you see it) instead of flat.

Each class is broken down into several smaller videos so they never feel too overwhelming. If you don't have much time you can do just the sketching section or the colors and techniques.

The live calls each month are also wonderful! She shares her paintings from that month's backpacking trip, then encourages any of the students to share their work, and then there's a demo centered around a topic suggested by a student at the end." - KJ