A monthlong sketching adventure beginning January 11th, 2024 (and recorded too!). 

Last year I make one ink drawing each day for 100 days. I wanted to improve my drawing accuracy, speed, and confidence, and to explore the fun and challenge of a daily practice. And, with simple tools and time limits, I actually stuck with the project. At the end of those 100 days I was amazed to feel and see improvements in my drawing ability (and painting skills, too!)

My goal with this class is to re-create a shorter version of this experience for you! For 30 days we will improve our drawing skills together in step-by-step lessons, daily sketching prompts, and a supportive community. 

You can attend the live classes starting on January 11th, or start late and tune in anytime with the recordings!

This course is FREE for any current or new Adventure Art Academy students. Email Claire for the free access code (same as the last few live classes) and add it to the registration page linked below and here. If you are just signing up now, your welcome email will include the code as well!

How it works:

We will meet on Zoom each Thursday at 6:00pm PST for four weeks. In these sessions (recorded for anyone who can't tune in live), I will share drawing techniques and a step-by-step sketching lesson. In-between our live sessions, you have the option of practicing each day with your own images or with a folder of curated photos I will provide. 

And, if sharing in a community is helpful for you, we can post our work in my online art group called Basecamp (no social media required).

I want this class to be fun and supportive, so there is no right or wrong way to engage with the content. There is no requirement to practice every day, and you can choose however much you want to share work or not. 

Some of the skills we will cover include:

  •  How to simplify a complex landscape into a series of minimal lines
  • Using black and white shapes to explore value (the range of light and dark in a painting)
  • Creating realistic and organic patterns for a variety of landscapes from mountains to coastlines
  • Exploring simple shading techniques to add depth to a landscape
  • Using the ink brush pen as a powerful tool to improve our painting, especially expressive lines and shapes

Ink sketches were and continue to be transformative in my creative practice and helped me become a better painter. I am excited to share this process with you! 

The landscape themes for each week will be the following (these may shift a little bit in the next month as I collect images and refine the curriculum):

  • Week 1- January 11th-  Mountains
  • Week 2- January 18th- Trees & Forests
  • Week 3- January 25ht- Coast
  • Week 4- February 1st-  TBD based on group interest! 
  • (We will also likely have a fifth and final wrap-up session / celebration on February 8th!)

Don't forget- everything is recorded so you can start late and tune in anytime!

The four-part course costs $120, but is FREE for all current Adventure Art Academy students ($27/month, and you can sign up and cancel anytime).  If you sign up for the Adventure Art Academy you also get access  to all of my watercolor landscape lessons filmed over the last two years. If you sign up, just email me at [email protected] and I'll  send you a free code to use at the registration page below. 

Sign up for the Adventure Art Academy here: www.adventureartacademy.com

Register for this course only here: https://www.adventureartacademy.com/offers/mxN86ymJ/checkout



When I first embarked on my 100 day sketching challenge I went down a supplies rabbit hole. I knew nothing about fountain pens or different kinds of ink. Over time I found a small collection of favorites, listed below, which are my go-to's because of good performance and affordability. If you already have tools you love, that's awesome! 

  • Pentel Pocket Brush Pen- I will use this in every lesson. My favorite is linked here (https://amzn.to/40DjfmR) and comes with a few extra cartridges of ink as well.  
  • Fine Tipped Pen- Something like a Micron pen is great, but I found that I was using them up quickly, so I switched to a refillable fountain pen. I love the Platinum Desk Pen- affordable, feels nice to hold, and designed to work with waterproof ink. (https://amzn.to/3NeN2gs)
  • Sketchbook/ Paper- If you want to use printer paper, you can! Or any kind of non-textured paper.  I unexpectedly really loved having all my sketches collected in a book. I like this one ( https://amzn.to/3ufZNAy) because it is not too expensive, ink flows beautifully on the pages, and the thinner paper actually helped me let go of perfection and worry less about results! 
  • Pencil and Eraser- Anything works here! My go-to pencil is always this little pentel mechanical pencil (https://amzn.to/3Tz2p7t), as I like the soft lead and no sharpening required. 

For the 30 day class/ challenge you likely won't need to refill any of your pens. When you do, the easiest way I've found to do this is to buy a blunt-tipped needle, and just refill the cartridges that come with the pens instead of buying messy converters. My current favorite ink is the Platinum Carbon Black; it's beautifully dark, and also waterproof so I can sketch under watercolor paintings, too!