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Embark on immersive painting adventures to stunning landscapes and learn to paint as if you are sitting right beside your teacher and guide, Claire (minus the mosquitos, wind, and cold, of course!). 

The Adventure Art Academy is a bit different from any other watercolor class out there:

1. Each lesson takes you on a new painting adventure filmed outside

2. The unique structure of the classes sets you up for painting success with not only step-by-step instruction, but also special sections on techniques, color mixing, and composition. 

3. Students get access to EVERY prior class (over 30 and counting) in addition to a new lesson each month, and free access to Claire's standalone live classes. 


Painting Adventure Locations

Unlike your typical art class filmed in a studio, every Adventure Art Academy lesson is an invitation to experience - and learn to paint! - some of the most incredible landscapes in the west.

You can learn more about our various adventure painting landscapes here.  


What do you learn in each class? 

Every adventure painting lesson is broken into sections so you can easily follow along and work on the class over time at your own pace. And, the main painting sections follow the natural drying time of watercolor, so you won't ever mess up your painting if you take a break partway through! 

Whether you are brand new to watercolor or an experienced painter, the classes are supportive and share every part of the painting process. This includes:

  • Techniques practice so you feel ready to simplify and dive into a complex landscape
  • Color mixing experiments with a limited palette
  • Composition discussions to demystify this often hidden aspect of painting
  • How to sketch the scene so you can translate what you see onto the page
  • Step-by-step painting instruction guiding you every step of the way
  • ¬†A special intro section where you are invited along on the hike or backpacking trip as Claire searches for the perfect painting location.¬†

"You won't always poop out a masterpiece, so we might as well have fun along the way" is one of Claire's favorite phrases, and you are encouraged to experiment, play, and even make mistakes! Watercolor is a beautiful, fluid, and stunning medium that also has a complete mind of it's own! Learn how to embrace the unique properties of watercolor and get the paint to do some of the hard work for you. 

Explore the Full Class Catalog

From misty mountains to desert arches, the classes will take you on some incredible painting adventures. To see images, descriptions, and summaries of the techniques for every lesson add your email below. 


To head out on your first painting adventure set a course for the sign up page here. 

If you would like to read more about painting trips and Claire's adventures, her blog The Art of Hiking has a growing collection of stories. And, she now has a YouTube Channel. 

Lastly, to learn more about Claire and her work in science communication, from art residencies, and in publications, wander over to her site